WHAT IS IT?  A new program to reward self- initiated and outstanding behavior that displays the SAFE school code of conduct.

Who: Students may receive a “GOTCHA VIP” if they are displaying outstanding S.A.F.E behavior. Any staff member in the building can give a student a “GOTCHA VIP sticker”.

Where/When: Immediately given when behavior is observed. A “GOTCHA VIP” sticker may be given to the student in the classroom, hallway, etc.


  1. A student displays outstanding and self-initiated behavior. (Example 1: Billy uses his words when frustrated instead of hitting himself or others. He usually needs a verbal prompt but, today, he says “I’m mad! I need a walk”.)

    (Example 2: Jane did a great job using the sign for “eat” when she wanted more. She usually needs to have a hand-over hand prompt and she will often become aggressive when she has to wait more than a few seconds. Today, Jilly Jean was able to sign for “eat” without hand-over assistance and was not aggressive as the snack was being given.

  2. Teacher/Staff acknowledge the SAFE  Behavior and immediately awards the student with a sticker. Teacher/staff should give praise about the specific behavior that has been displayed. “GOTCHA VIP” stickers are available at the front desk in the office. Be sure to keep them stocked and readily available in your classroom. Each classroom will designate a staff person to oversee keeping data for “GOTCHA VIP” and reporting the data to the PBIS committee (Kim Fell).  Total number of “GOTCHA VIP” stickers/tags must be submitted no later than the last day of the month. Each classroom will display students’ “GOTCHA VIP” in the classroom and actively involve the students in displaying this achievement.

  3. Students can wear and proudly display their “GOTCHA VIP” sticker/tags on their shirt or on a poster in the room.

  4. On Fridays, students can redeem their “GOTCHA VIP” sticker for BMS dollars to spend at the school store. Each classroom teacher will determine the best practice for his/her students to compile and spend the BMS dollars.


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