Gotcha Awards

Gotcha Awards (Students)

What is it?  A program to reward repeated and/or consistent self- initiated and outstanding behavior that displays the SAFE school code of conduct.


Who? Recognizes students who display exemplar SAFE behaviors and continue to be a role model for our learning community.


Where/When? Students receive awards at the end-of-the-month celebration ceremonies. These are typically held bi-monthly in the gym. At each ceremony a student from each classroom receives an award.



  1. Safe Students are nominated by the number of GOTCHA VIP tags that he/she has received and/or their exemplar behavior of the SAFE code of conduct throughout the month. Each classroom should have only 1 nominee for the month.

  2. Classroom staff are responsible for determining their student of the month and writing a few sentences to describe the student’s accomplishments to be announced when the student receives the award.

  3. Students will receive a certificate as well as possible other privileges/ prizes by getting this award.