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Welcome to Battle Monument School

Battle Monument School is a public separate day school which
provides educational opportunities for students with special needs
to reach their potential as independent and productive members
of their families and communities. All students, regardless of ability,
develop those skills which empower them to increase their
independence and to live productive and satisfying lives.
Community-based experiences, individualized programs based
upon student and family needs, and the implementation of
technological advancements are all designed to maximize
opportunities to learn and gain student achievement.


Battle Monument School’s vision is to create a nurturing environment that promotes communication and learning by empowering all of our students with special needs to access
their full potential.  Special educators, behavior interventionists, related-service providers, community, and system resources will collaborate together to help our students gain the knowledge
and skills needed to be more independent in their future endeavors.   


Battle Monument School’s mission is to provide students with an educational foundation which infuses a combination of adapted grade-level academics and functional life skills. Instruction is
based upon each students’ strengths and needs, and will be
used to provide the skills necessary for optimal independence
and success in post-secondary education life. Students receive a combination of whole group, small group, and individualized instruction. Students also have the opportunity to practice
the skills they are working to master in community settings as
part of their Community Based Instruction (CBI) experiences.
Teachers, related service providers, and support staff work collaboratively to enhance the educational experiences for
all students.

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